Are you thrilled with golf but you have never held a golf club in your hand? Would you like to work on your swing? Do you want to make more birdies? 

Welcome to our Golf Academy where you can learn the basics of golf, upgrade your skills or become a real master of this magnificent sport.

In Golf Academy Ljubljana we are passing on the skills, techniques, expertise, and know-how to young and old golf players. Our aim is to help all who want to excel in this sport to reach their full potential.

It all started back in 2008

Golf Academy was founded in 2008, when the building of golf course in Smlednik had begun, by Urošand Aleš Gregorič. The academy has ever since been directly and tightly connected with Diners Golf&Country Club Ljubljana Association and Diners CUBO Golf Course. Without these mutually beneficial cooperations the development of the academy would have been much slower and in some fields even entirely impossible since its functioning mainly depends on the necessary infrastructure.